Creative Connections through Collaboration

The People Behind the CBC


Business Directory Plugin is a WordPress plugin painstakingly crafted to meet the high demands of non-technical business users that need to create directories quickly and easily. That’s no small task and we’re constantly working to make the plugin better.

However, the code is but one tiny piece of the puzzle–we know that to make you successful requires excellent support, thorough documentation and incredible responsiveness to your requests. Our goal is to blow you away with the experience of working with us and our software. Here’s the group that makes it all happen:

Our Team



Owner, Chief Plugin Officer

Dave has been building businesses for over 20 years and bootstrapping WordPress plugins since 2009. Business Directory is his latest plugin. Dave’s background includes freelance consulting, project management,..



Lead Developer, Chief Plugin Engineer

Jorge is a mathematician, aspiring pilot and cat lover who really enjoys programming. He is passionate and very detail oriented, always trying to do everything in the best possible way. He’s been writing code for more than a decade



Customer Support, Chief Officer

Salman is a Customer Care specialist who believes customer service is not just a department, it’s everyone’s job. Salman likes to spend his time mastering the ancient art of keeping a customer happy.